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Today, most tooth replacement done in the aesthetic zone using dental implants is with a delayed surgical protocol. Unfortunately, this delay can result in loss of both soft and hard oral tissues during the healing period, necessitating guide tissue strengthening or a bone grafting procedure either prior to or at the time of implant placement.

If a delayed placement protocol is used or if grafting procedures are ineffective, the prosthetic phase of implant dentistry must restore the missing structures artistically and functionally to integrate with the existing dental structures.

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This presentation reviews a technique that provides for prosthetic restoration of soft and hard tissues while enhancing the aesthetic results of the replaced dentition through a unique removable implant prosthesis design.
Case 2


Fig 1. Missing and Injured Teeth

Inadequate Replacement

Fig 2. Inadequate Replacement

Diagnostic Planning

Fig 3. Diagnostic Planning Cast


One Stage Bone

Fig 4. One Stage Bone Expansion Osteotome Surgery

Pre-Operative Radiograph

Fig 5. Pre-Operative Radiograph

Fig 6Fig 7

Fig 6 & 7. CBCT Scan Providing a Three-Dimensional View of Maxilla for Implant Planning and Placement


Fig 8

Fig 8. One Stage Bone Expansion Osteotome Surgery

Fig 9

Fig 9. Healed One Stage Bone Expansion Osteotome Surgery

Fig 10Fig 11

Fig 10 & 11. On-Site Laboratory Construction of Implant Connecting Bar


Fig 12-15. On-Site Laboratory Construction of Implant Connecting Bar & RPD Frame work
Fig 12
Fig 13
Fig 14
Fig 15


Fig 16-19.RPD Frame work with Ackerman Clips and Processed Teeth with Acrylic
Fig 16
Fig 17
Fig 18
Fig 19


Fig 20

Fig 20. Post-Op Radiograph of Implants, Connecting Bar and Restored Teeth


Fig 21-24. Restored Maxillary Lip Contour and Facial Aesthetics
Fig 21
Fig 22
Fig 23
Fig 24


Fig 25

Fig 25. Restored Dental Aesthetics

Fig 26

Fig 26. Restored Facial and Dental Aesthetics