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The need for cosmetic correction of the appearance of short teeth is very common following orthodontic treatment procedures, taking certain kinds of medications, having less than ideal hygiene, or as a result of patient nightly or daily tooth grinding. Often, the natural teeth will have an appearance of being too small or too short for a pleasing smile. A “GUMMY” smile then is often the result, Fig 1.

Also, if any spaces are present between the anterior teeth, it may be the result of the natural teeth being too narrow, as illustrated in Fig 3 & 4. If this is present (usually it’s the lateral incisor) and orthodontic treatment cannot correct this, the soft tissues or gum tissues grow and fill the space(s). This makes the cosmetic correction of tooth size less predictable and more challenging for a dentist when closure is attempted using only cosmetic composite “bonding” or porcelain cosmetic “veneer” procedures alone. Porcelain veneers also have to be replaced every few years, and full crowns may be needed for replacements.

The most natural-looking conservative and cosmetic dental result will be achieved by first correcting the excessive soft tissue contours to restore natural tooth length and contour. Cosmetic periodontal surgery can be done either with or without sedation dentistry and can be combined with wisdom teeth removal when sedation dentistry is used. The soft tissue corrections can be done without discomfort or bleeding with primary closure as illustrated in Fig. 7. The final results of the conservative and cosmetic periodontal care will enable teeth to have a normal length to width ratio and will often achieve the ideal golden proportion appearance as illustrated in Fig. 10, 11 & 12. The teeth may then be bleached if necessary to improve their color, and the tooth with the space(s) next to it can be bonded with a composite resin and not have to be cut down to place a veneer or full crown. The aesthetic future of the bonded composite restorations may eventually dictate its replacement, and the restoration can easily be removed and replaced if needed and again not have the tooth cut down for either a porcelain veneer or a full crown.

Many cases have been completed to date using a one surgical visit technique to correct the gummy “short tooth syndrome” problem and wisdom teeth removal at the same appointment. The natural shape of the anterior teeth is usually very pleasing, and the treatment results are very rewarding, partially because of the conservative treatment and partially because of the decreased costs. Treatment time has been compressed with reduction from three to six weeks for veneers to one surgical visit for cosmetic periodontal care. Ninety-five percent of the treatment is completed in one surgical visit two to four prosthetic visits. A conservative and cosmetic technique that decreases treatment time and costs with an excellent aesthetic result is possible with this approach.


Fig. 1. Excessive Soft “GUM” Tissue & Short-Appearing Teeth “GUMMY” Smile.


Fig. 2. Excessive Soft “GUM” Tissue & Short-Appearing Maxillary Teeth.


Fig. 3. Excessive Soft “GUM” Tissue Filling Spaces #7. Fig. 4. Excessive Soft “GUM” Tissue Filling Spaces #10.



Fig. 5. Initial Radiographs Showing Diastemas #7 & #10.


Fig. 6. Initial Panoramic Radiograph With Impacted Third Molars.


Fig. 7. Completed Treatment Panoramic Radiograph With Impacted Third Molars Removed.



Fig. 8. Day of Surgery & Treatment Completed for Clinical Crown Lengthening and Impacted Third Molar Removal With IV Sedation Dentistry.


Fig. 9. One Week After Surgery Completed, Rapid Healing With Primary Closure


Fig. 10. One Week After Surgery Completed. Fig. 11. One Week After Surgery Completed.


Fig. 12-13. PRE-OP.



Fig. 14-15. POST-OP Completed Tx With Direct Bonded Composite Restorations #7 & #10