Quality Restorations for Your Smile
At Reconstructive and Implant Dental Center, we can provide both standard dentures and personalized cosmetic dentures to restore your smile. Our personalized cosmetic dentures have many benefits over standard dentures including:

    • Anatomical plastic and porcelain teeth for a more natural appearance
    • More natural feel when cutting and chewing food
    • Tooth position set in relation to your facial aesthetic

Our Esteemed Prosthodontist
Your dentures will be created by our experienced Dr. Amet, who is not only a licensed prosthetic specialist but also has a many different accreditations and certifications in the fields of prosthodontics, including:

Schedule Your Consultation
Schedule your appointment to visit Reconstructive and Implant Dental Center today and learn more about how we can provide you with high-quality dentures that are customized to fit your smile, giving you the natural appearance, function and facial appearance that you desire. You can request an appointment online, or simply contact us today at 913-534-8801 during our hours of operation.

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