Cosmetic Dental Solutions
Our prosthodontist can use cosmetic dentistry to give your smile the aesthetic that you have always wanted. Dr. EDward M. Amet can transform your smile using the latest dental techniques and materials, including bleaching and teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns.

Bleaching and Teeth Whitening
Your smile can shine, and unattractive stains and discoloration can be reversed with teeth whitening treatments. We can provide you with kits that you can use while you sleep to whiten your teeth over the course of five to 10 nights. If you want a faster solution, we can also perform in-office whitening to give you noticeably brighter teeth after only one or two appointments.
Our practice can use composite bonding to fix problems with your smile including:

    • Gaps between teeth
    • Spots and discoloration
    • Chips

And when you need treatment for an entire tooth or multiple teeth, we can use porcelain. Either way, you will get a more beautiful smile.

Porcelain Crowns
These crowns are designed to match your smile beautifully. This treatment involves reducing the size of your existing tooth and then bonding or cementing on your porcelain crown. Dr. Amet will take the time and care to ensure that your new crown will match the color of your smile and enhance its overall aesthetic.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment
You can request an appointment online or simply call 913-534-8801 and talk to our office. We look forward to helping you with your smile!

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